How to Locate Illinois Marriage Licenses On the Internet

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You may be trying to glean public Illinois marriage records, and if you are, then you should get in touch with the Illinois Division of Vital Records. This official state agency is in charge of all vital records for the state of AL including public birth records, death records, marriage records, adoption records, divorce records and more.

To collect marriage records or submit marriage certificate requests, you might contact the Illinois Division of Vital Records in any of the following ways. You could stop by the office or deliver mail to the office that is located in Springfield at 605 West Jefferson Street. Another option is to make a phone call to this office. The phone number for the Illinois marriage records division is 334 206-2999. Another avenue is to visit the official state website for these matters at and perform your search there.

There are several rules and regulations you must be acquainted with about how to order public records. If you are attempting to handle marriage certificate information about someone that is not yourself, you will need a court order. Online marriage record retrieval services might be an easier option for you to get a marriage record for someone else.

Afterward, you will find the complete contact information for the agency and also a map with directions if you want to find their location.

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Illinois Division of Vital Records
605 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62702

Phone: 217 782-6553

Website URL:

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