How to Find Florida Marriage Record Information On the Web

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If you are in need of Florida public marriage records, then you will want to contact the Florida Office of Vital Statistics. This is the official state agency of Florida related to these problems and looks at such things as public birth records, marriage record, adoption records, divorce records, death records, and others as well.

There are several different ways that you may get in touch with the Florida Office of Vital Statistics regarding marriage certificate requests and records. You should go to the office at 201 Monroe St., Suite 1150, in Jacksonville, or provide mail to the same address. Alternatively, you may call the office and make your request via phone. To get to the Florida marriage records division, dial them at 334206-2999. If you possess Internet access, you may head to the state’s official website at to make your request.

Please weigh in mind that there are particular rules upheld by the agency in regard to public records orders. If you are striving to get marriage certificate information about someone that is not yourself, you will require a court order. Or, you may always try using an online marriage certificate retrieval website to find records for another person’s marriage.

Below are the driving directions and the contact data for the Florida Office of Vital Statistics office for your edification.

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Florida Office of Vital Statistics
P. O. Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231

Phone: 904 359-6900

Website URL:

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