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A Free Guide for How to Get Marriage Records in Arizona

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If you are searching for public marriage information from Arizona, you must get in touch with the Arizona Office of Vital Records. This is the official state agency of Arizona for these problems and juggles such things as public birth records, marriage record, adoption records, divorce records, death records, and others as well.

To retrieve marriage records or submit marriage certificate requests, you could contact the Arizona Office of Vital Records in any of the following ways. One obvious method is to stop by the building or ship a request via mail to the building at 201 Monroe Street, ste 1150, Phoenix. Another option is to make a phone call to this office. If you opt to ring, you might dial 334 206-2999. Another option is to go to the official state website for these matters at and perform your search there.

You need to know that specific rules need to be followed when requesting public records. If you want to acquire someone else’s marriage records, you might be tasked to show a court document stating you have permission. Another service that is available if you have to possess marriage records is use a service online that will perform the search for you.

In the section below you will find the full contact details for this agency as well as a map to the office.

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Arizona Office of Vital Records
1818 West Adams
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602 364-1300

Website URL:

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