A Free Guide for How to Find Marriage Records in Oregon

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You could be trying to obtain public Oregon marriage records, and if you are, then you should get in touch with the Oregon Health Division Vital Records. All important data for the state of Oregon are put away and released by this official state agency. Among the items available are public records for births, deaths, marriages, adoptions, divorces, and more.

You may keep in touch with the Oregon Health Division Vital Records in a number of ways to ask for copies of marriage certificates or records. You can go to the office at 201 Monroe St., Suite 1150, in Portland, or provide mail to the same address. Alternatively, you may pick up the phone and ring them. If you want to dial someone, the Oregon Health Division Vital Records phone number is 334206-2999. Another way is to surf the state’s website at http://oregon.gov/DHS/ph/chs/index.shtml to see if you could perform the request on your own.

There are several rules and regulations you must be acquainted with for how to order public records. If you are striving to get marriage certificate information about someone that is not yourself, you will need a court order. Online marriage record retrieval services might be an easier avenue for you to get a marriage record for someone else.

The proceeding section will provide a map to the office as well as the agency’s complete contact details.

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Oregon Health Division Vital Records
P.O. Box 14050
Portland, OR 97293

Phone: 503 731-4095

Website URL: http://oregon.gov/DHS/ph/chs/index.shtml

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